JenStampz Top 10 Projects

Top 10 uses for your Jenstampz Glassine Bag Products
Jenstampz high quality glassine bags are great for lots of different crafting projects and inspire creativity in amazing ways. Here are some of our Top 10 favorite projects that take our plain glassine bags and make something extraordinary and memorable from them. Take a look and get inspired to create some amazing stuff.

1. Wedding/Shower Favors

Easily create some elegant or simple Party/Wedding/Shower favors. Keeping the contents sanitary and providing a flair. This entry comes from, check out their How To

2. Valentines

Make this next Valentines day extra special by giving your sweetheart something unique and special. This entry comes from, check out their How To

3. Baked Goods Bags

Create some amazing bags to show your appreciation for others or just share your own baking skills, and keep each items cleanly wrapped before consumption. This entry comes from The Embellished Paper Blog, check out their How To

4. Embossed Bags

The unique material that makes up a glassine bag allows it to easily take on different embossing designs. This entry comes from, check out their How To

5. Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations can some times be a very routine task, but using some glassine bags and a bit of creativity, you can create an amazing and memorable invitation that wont be tossed in the garbage or forgotten. This entry comes from Danielle Flanders Blog, check out their How To

6. Advent Calendar

A new take on the classic Advent Calendar this entry gives a new creative twist, giving every member of the family something new to look forward to. This entry comes from Bonton Blog, check out their How To – Be sure to keep google translate handy, this entry is in French.

7. Children’s Snack and Goodie Bag

Every party or event could use some fun bags for sharing treats or party favors with those in attendance. This entry comes from Teri’s Place Blog, check out their How To

8. Gift Bags

Give someone a special and memorable gift. Easily make the presentation of even the plainest gifts something to remember. This entry comes from, check out their How To

9. Custom Packaging for Crafts

When you have put in some time making an amazing new crafty project it only makes sense to create your own custom packaging that matches the style, look, and feel of your creation. This entry comes from ThurstonPost Blog, check out their How To

10. Customizable Scrapbook

Make a book with glassine bag pages that allows you to easily change the contents of each page and share/give as a keepsake. This entry comes from, check out their How To

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